Luciana Aymar joins Las Leonas for New Zealand Four Nations .

Posted in Argentine Hockey on March 23rd, 2013 by John Coxon

Luician Aymar's shirt

The Confederación Argentina de Hockey has announced the squad to play in the up and coming Four Nations in New Zealand. New head coach of Argentina’s Las Leonas , Marcelo Garraffo unveiled the list of players for the 4 Nations between (WR /World Ranked 2nd Argentina, New Zealand (WR 3rd) United States (WR 1oth ) and South Korea (WR 8th ) 10 and 21 April to be played in New Zealand. The team will leave the capital’s Ezeiza airport on Friday 5th April at 21.30hs Argentine time (UTC/GMT -3 hours.)  Injured Rosario Luchetti will accompany the group. The group includes the legendary Luciana Aymar , arguably the world’s greatest ever player ,  voted a record breaking seven times FIH Player of the Year.

Games to be played will be in held in three locations – Whangarei ( northernmost city in New Zealand )for the first two championships from 10 until 14 April. Then, between 17 and 21, at Hamilton ( 130 km (80 mi) south of Auckland ) and finally Tauranga: Argentina, in total, will play eight games.

The Selection is as follows :-
1-Luciana Aymar
2-Rocio Sanchez Moccia
3-Noel Barrionuevo
4-Macarena Rodriguez
5-Josefina Sruoga
6-Florence Mutio (GK)
7-Sofia Maccari
8-Delfina Merino
9-Mariela Scarone
10-Gabriela Ludueña
11-Giselle Juarez
12 Carla Rebecchi-
13-Daniela Sruoga
14 Laura Del Colle (GK)
15-Silvina D’Elia
16-Martina Cavallero
17-Ana Lopez Basavilbaso
18-Victoria Zuloaga

Lau del Colle keeper

Lau del Colle keeper

Coaching staff:
Marcelo Garraffo (Coach)
Claudio Junquet (Assistant)
Fabian Jeanneret (Trainer)
Rafael Micheli (Camera)
Germán Orozco (Physio)
Paul Fijoo (Doctor)
Veronica Villafane (Umpire)
Mariano Becerra (President of CAH )

Luciana's Player of the Year CV !

Luciana’s Player of the Year CV !

Match Schedule :-
Whangarei *
10/04/13 17.00hs Argentina vs USA
19.00hs New Zealand vs South Korea
11/04/13 17.00hs South Korea vs USA
19.00hs New Zealand vs Argentina
12/04/13 Free Day
13/04/13 13.00hs South Korea vs Argentina
15.00hs New Zealand vs USA
14/04/13 Medal games 13.00hs 3 ° vs 4 °
15.30hs 1st vs. 2nd

17/04/13 17.00hs South Korea vs USA
19.00hs New Zealand vs Argentina
18/04/13 17.00hs Argentina vs South Korea
19.00hs U.S. vs New Zealand 19.00hs U.S.
04.19.13 Rest Day
Tauranga *
20/04/13 13.00hs Argentina vs USA
15.00hs New Zealand vs South Korea
21/04/13 13.00hs 3 ° vs 4 °
15.30hs 1 ° vs 2 °

#27 Noel Barrioneuvo with the author !

#27 Noel Barrioneuvo with the author !

* New Zealand local time (UTC/GMT +13 hours )
Report source : Translated (from Rodrigo Spiess’s original Spanish press release for the CAH) by John Coxon

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