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Oscar Pistorius lived in the most dangerous province in South Africa, Gauteng, in terms of criminal gun deaths in a gun violent country where armed home intrusions are commonplace & where it’s a certainty armed intruders are always prepared to use,  & so often do use, ruthless lethal force if confronted by a home owner. It is an inescapable reality fatal retaliatory killings in self-defence, by very frightened lawfully gun owning home owners protecting themselves & family, happen all too often in South Africa as do accidental killings of family members mistaken for intruders.

Off track, still modest & courteous but beneath the strong confident man , on his day prosthesis he felt highly anxious & at times acutely vulnerable having had a lifelong history of threat & experience of actual crime.

Off track, still modest & courteous but beneath the strong confident man , on his day prosthesis legs he felt highly anxious & at times acutely vulnerable having had a lifelong history of threat & experience of actual crime.

Yet , until a globally famous , formerly wealthy white guy (with a disability) had the misfortune to think his &  his girlfriend’s lives were  in danger & accidentally shot her, no one previously was convicted of murder or even given a custodial sentence for the lesser charge of manslaughter in such circumstances .  All were lawfully using, in self defence what are  lethal weapons, therefore licensed & designed to kill. Thus all can predict beforehand that serious injury to the intruder or death are very likely outcomes, regardless of what weapon or ammunition they use. Yet for the first time, not in the actual trial but with a set of judges meeting in private , that higher court  applied the law differently to the athlete. Why?

This is rough justice at its worst.

The SCA delivered   rough justice at its worst.

The SCA decided, in this otherwise unexceptional case, the defendant intended not to harm & incapacitate but to wilfully deliberately kill which simply cannot be proven beyond all doubt. It‘s fatuous that the prosecution maintained the athlete’s fear of lethal home intrusion was unfounded.  Even where, as they did, the appeal court judges dismissed the fact  the athlete was at further disadvantage , facing  what he believed was a threat in the early hours in the dark with no legs,  it is unjust to presume any citizen , including him wants ,to or deliberately intends to shoot an intruder dead.

Furthermore, an intruder hiding in a bathroom wouldn’t stand behind a wooden door which bullets can easily penetrate & would have surely stood behind the wall. The frightened athlete, in an unstable  semi-prone position, without his legs , fired through the door in a downward trajectory below the handle which is surely not consistent with an intention to actually kill. The SCA’s judgement makes no sense.

We have to conclude that this different treatment  was simply to achieve another purpose & unjust. That must inevitably be linked to the unprecedented decision to allow the trial to be televised, that is to intentionally use the athlete to change the common public perception that RSA justice discriminates between the wealthy & those who are unable to afford a costly defence. As a result , to save face, hoping to make him an example on TV,  the state,  couldn’t then  be seen to have “let him off lightly”  where, ironically , at the original trial, he’d already clearly been given a much stiffer than normal sentence for manslaughter.

Goodbye and thank you Mr Asad Shah – a very fine person.

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One issue with all world religions is different sects & schools emerge from the original teachings of the scriptures on which they’re based & people, with personal agendas, scholars included , find justification for behaviours which may or may not be virtuous, & Christians, it simply is not safe to generalise about all Muslims.

At one end of the actual love & peace spectrum we find so many genuine Muslims guided by the Qur’an, living peaceful decent productive lives . At the other end , are the hijackers of that faith, who rape and kill women & children, destroy museums & ancient monuments , bomb innocents and kill Muslims , their alleged family. Some in still primitive third world cultures stone women to death, behead & amputate, whip and imprison ,execute & Saudi Arabia , whilst being guardians of that great faith as Mecca is right in the middle of that awful country, is one of the most backward, reactionary old school Islam based nations on the planet.

Can the death of a man from one of the more enlightened schools of Islam, a simple shopkeeper , be scripturally “sanctioned” through selective readings of those scripts?

Mr  Shah  wished his Christian brothers & sisters a happy Easter & it cost him his life. He was taken from us, not by a racist , islamophobic right wing white supremacist extremist but , tragically , a fellow Muslim from a school still in the shadows of deluded self-fulfilling falsehoods . May that man rot in hell. His killer a fundamentalist deluded Muslim from a darker school reading the same book as Daesh pretend to do with such devastating results . He , that fake Muslim barbarian, attacks us all  and he will rot in hell with God’s blessing and dismissal of him as being sub human.

Mr Asad Shah , his broken hearted family & friends , thankfully, have the consolation that so many decent Brits have come together as the one family we are & raised thousands of pounds to help this martyr’s family & express what is the very best of British, i.e , to have snuffed out the life of Mr Shah is an offence to all of us.

We have lost  a very decent Muslim, Mr Asad Shah, where the toilet press headline with ignorant falsehoods, appear to ridicule PC nonsense while actually endorsing the hate,in their horror headlines , embodied in the nonsense anonymous so called PC brigade which Mr Shah gave his own life for.

Those closet racists have famously made headline news highlighting falsehoods like banning Christmas trees and cards , (pagan) Easter Eggs, (pagan) and taking pig based items from menus to avoid offending Muslims while not naming a single Muslim who actually took offence. The most wonderful example of what I believe Islam actually teaches is Mr Asad Shah and may his God embrace & welcome him to heaven beyond all this madness .


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