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I am a born communicator and probably one of the most sociable people you are likely to meet!

I am a energetic and enthusiastic  full time professional freelance photographer (and ocassional journalist)  living in the City of Salford in the North West of England. I have owned  cameras all my working life , first writing and illustrating journalism for sale to magazines and newsapapers from  my early twenties  producing articles on a range of human interest topics and on apsects of English culture.

Until 2000 I had a parallel career  as an educator, twenty six years teaching inner city children with a range of learning difficulites  both intellectual, physical and medical. Throughout that time I continued with journalism but  I always produced all my own learning resources making broad use of desktop publishing skills, my photography and expertise in literacy , book and page design.

I have been very active on the internet for over a decade beginning with my journalsim blog MINDSTREAMING  where I wrote prolifically about English life and culture predominantly for an Amercian audience. To this day, even though I can no longer add to it,  that blog is used in some independent European schools to suplement English language lessons.

A little tired, but this was 2.30a.m. ,Madrid, when my shift had begun at

When I moved over to digital photography I  was again a serial poster on FOTOLOG   a precursor of Facebook, and one of the first major global photography sharing websites and I uploaded new original photographs virtually every day and , at that time, I was quite unusual (innovative ) because  I made extensive  use of the somewhat underused  facility on that site to add often quite long captions to images in an effort to communicate effectively in both images and words, something I have always felt driven to do.

I migrated to a professional FLICKR account when Fotolog became overwhelmed by teen kids spamming the site on a daily basis with largely vanity postings! My current Flickr Photostream  contains over 8,000 images on a wide variety of themes demonstrating my competencies whatever the subject!  I currently am active on Facebook  which I use for both personal material and that associated with my professional photography business.

Click here for my personal  John Coxon Facebook and my business Facebook here  John Coxon .Com

I am ethical in my work, support a number of causes on a voluntary basis including advocacy or women in sport and disability sports  in addition to meeting the needs of my paying clients,  but also all my work both written and photographed is completely original.

Whilst I am more than capable of writing for a specific audience or supplying images to meet my clients needs I am fiercely self- reliant , independent and abhor plagiarism. I have  built and maintain my own photography business website showing the range of services I offer.

I am co-editor, on a voluntary basis, for the global website   WOMENS  SPORT  REPORT Here we are dedicated to trying to redress the balance where women and women in sport are under-represented in the media. As well as receiving , editing and uploading press releases from a range of sports, I also supply images from my archives to illustrate press releases which come without images from source but also write authoratative reports about such sports as field hockey and triathlon.  I also make broad use now , in my business, of Social Networking , not only to promote my own business interests  but those of cliennts and others . I continue to make prolific use Facebook and Twitter to support a range of atheltes, organisations and personalities and that includes reports which i have translated either from Spanish or Dutch for English speaking sports fans .

You can follow my Tweets here !  John Coxon Media


I have nearly forty years experience as a photographer and writer, working within the various areas of the media , PR and  marketing aand I believe there are very few photographers working in the industry have  the range of competencies I bring to a project. I am very much not your run of the mill photographer, have incredible energy , enthusiasm and stamina  and I always aim to provide the most cost effective service. Contact me any time to discuss how I can help  either via my mobile 07989 300 104 or via e mail

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