The Confederación Argentina de Hockey(CAH) has announced coach Carlos “Chapa” Retegui’s selection of eighteen women  ( current world champions,  “Las Leonas” -The Lionesses ) who will travel to the Netherlands to defend the World Champions Trophy between 25th June  and 3rd July, to be held at the Wegener Stadium, Amstelveen, home of the Hoofdklasse Amsterdam hockey and Bandy Club. Following a week of rigorous training at the Popeye Club, Salta , the full squad returned to the country’s capital , Buenos Aires for further intensive training, under Retegui’s guidance, at *CENARD.  

The squad is as follows:-  Luciana Aymar  ,Belén Succi (GK) , Laura Aladro (GK) ,Silvina D’Elia ,Noel Barrionuevo ,Daniela Sruoga ,Mariela Scarone ,Delfina Merino ,Giselle Kañevsky , Macarena Rodríguez ,Rosario Luchetti ,Carla Rebecchi*, Soledad García* ,Victoria Zuloaga ,Josefina Sruoga ,Rocío Sánchez Moccia ,Florencia Habif ,Sofía Maccari.

The unfortunate  players who did not make the cut this time around are   Julia Simonassi GK, Belén Zavalía, y Carla Dupuy.


The world record holding, seven times voted player of the year , Luciana Aymar has immediately dovetailed back into the squad after a long rest-sabbatical after the 2010 world Cup victory away from training with the revised full squad, but has more recently been playing for her Beunos Aires based club CEBA. She returned to training when the squad were at training camp in Salta earlier this month. Currently Carla Rebecchi  (Spain’s Club de Campo ) and Soledad Garcia ( SCHC, Holland ) have still to fulfil their European  club commitments before they rejoin the squad. It is testament to Garcia’s and Rebecchi’s outstanding talent and experience that Carlos Retegui has complete confidence that the two players will fit back into the team effortlessly. Soledad has had an outstanding season in Holland this year.   The Dutch Hockey Federation , KNHB have a points system whereby players in top hockey are ranked in terms of their effectiveness with  points given by their own coach or the opposition’s. Soledad Garcia , this season, has been, consistently, the outstanding player in the Hoofdklasse Rabo league ,( incidentally with double the points achieved by Naomi van As.)  Sole’s SCHC team coach, former Dutch international, Janekke Schopman, tops the national coach rankings  as voted for by the country’s hockey media, the only female coach in the current top ten. 


Argentina's Soledad Garcia, top ranked Rabo Hoofdklasse player this year.

 *CENARD  Centro Nacional de Alto Rendimiento Deportivo (National Centre of High Performance Athletics )  

CENARD is the nation’s centralised sports complex where most of  Argentina’s elite internatiional sports people (especially in  atheltics )  are expertly coached and trained. Built in the seventies the complex, covers a  land area of some 115,000 square meters (1.2 million square feet)  The complex is at Núñez  , a beautifully appointed barrio  or neighbourhood of Buenos Aires , on the northern edge of the city on the banks of the Rio De La Plata.    (River Plate)

Talented young goal keepers Belén Succi and Laura Aladro travel to Holland with the squad.



Argentina will be defending a triple run of titles won in Germany 2008, Australia 2009 and  England 2010. They will participate in a number of training games in Europe  prior to travelling to Holland, with a Four Nations friendly series in Berlin for starters. Here is a poster I designed recently , just a small part of my in house creativity ( available always for hire and just a phone call away any time) showing the schedule Las Leonas will follow in the run up to the Trophy in Holland.

Champions Trophy Pool Games :- currently world ranked first Argentina play England, ranked 5th, in their first game in defence of their Trophy title 25th June and take on china the following day. After a rest day, they take on the Koreans, 28th June , then another day’s rest on the 29th.  That will be followed by a knockout stage beginning on 30th June culminating with the finals Sunday 3rd.  It seems highly unlikely that Argentina will not make the finals, the question, for me ,  that needs to be settled is who will be the other finalist? 

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Yours trully with Argentine stars Noel Barrionuevo , (L), & Giselle Kañevsky(R) at last year's Champion's Trophy, Nottingham.


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