Coach Carlos "Chapa" Retegui

The Confederación Argentina de Hockey  (CAH ) has announced that Soledad Garcia and Carla Rebecchi  have now joined the rest of the national team working at CENARD with  coach Carlos “Chapa” Retegui preparing to defend the triple crown at the Champions Trophy in Holland 25th June -3rd July. Chapa now has the full 18 in his Trophy pack!



“It’s always nice to come home,” said Soledad Garcia, who hadn’t played with the national team since the World Cup in Rosario last year. “I’m happy because I’m back with the girls and to be part of the  new squad,” she said. Carla Rebecchi returned home after helping Madrid’s Club de Campo lift the Spanish League title “I am very happy to be back” she said ,”The truth is we really missed the team,  and I can’t wait to get into  the preparations for the Trophy.”  Unlike Carla, Sole Garcia, although consistently voted the most effective player in the Dutch top league, didn’t get a tilt at a league title, because her club, SCHC, was eliminated in the playoffs. With regard to her physical condition, after finishing the European season, Sole  said “I am a bit tired, because your  mind tells you its the end of the league season , but you soon find that you have to start thinking about a new objective here,  starting with the national team. But hey, we know that is how it  is  and we are preparing mentally for that.”

As well as  preparing to defend the triple crown in Holland, Las Leonas have as big a goal for this year to win the upcoming Pan American Games to be held in Mexico in October. There, they are looking to win  gold to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics.




Carla Rebecchi


Carla considered her options against  national team  priorities and decided to finish her professional career in Spain to return home and play  in Buenos Aires to be able to train every day with the national team. Speaking of her decision  she said: “In Spain we finished very well. We are the league champions, so I’m very happy. It was a great end  to the five years I was at Club de Campo. The idea is to stay in Argentina and focus on preparations for the Olympic Games”, she added.


Sole, meanwhile, is under contract for another year in Holland, but did not rule out following  Rebecchi’s route. “They (the club SCHC) know that at some point it depends on what  Chapa (Carlos Retegui) decides and what is best for me, physically and mentally. Of course my goal and everyone’s is the Olympic Games. But we have to discuss priorities and see what is best for me: If a longer stay there or go back and train all year round. Travel between Buenos Aires and  Cordoba is very tiring and I have done that for many years. But I’d like to go back to Holland and play in my club … I have to think hard  and decide, “she said.


After the arrival of the two players, coach Carlos Retegui was glad to have the full compliment for Argentina for the tournament in the Netherlands. “I saw them both looking very well and we are happy because we are all together. They are doing special work with Alejandro Labonia (Physical Trainer) to match  what we are doing with the rest of the group. It is a work in progress, because I still can not train them like the rest of group that has been doing triple duty, “said Retegui.

Noel Barrionuevo, John (me) and Giselle Kañevsky at the WCT Nottingham 2010


The Argentina squad will leave for Berlin, Germany, Sunday June 12 th to take part in  a Four Nations tournament before travelling to Holland for the Champions Trophy


Goalkeepers Belen Succi and Laura Aladro

Luciana Aymar,  Belén Succi ,  Laura Aladro,  Silvina D’Elia,   Noel Barrionuevo,  Daniela Sruoga,
Mariela Scarone,  Delfina Merino,  Giselle Kañevsky,  Macarena Rodríguez , Rosario Luchetti,
Carla Rebecchi , Soledad García , Victoria Zuloaga,  Josefina Sruoga, Rocío Sánchez Moccia,
Florencia Habif ,Sofía Maccari.


Source: My translation /digest from today’s orginal article published on CAH website in Spanish)

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