Formal team shots can be arranged at a shoot but always up for something different say iif you win something big !


Hockey clubs, teams and players often like to share photographs from games on social media and or club websites . Great to have a personal record of games but also images are ideal for promoting the club, raising its profile, increasing membership and attracting the interest of new sponsors as well as keeping current sponsors sweet as your club’s media and net presence means sponsors get pay back in exposure by being associated with an obviously thriving club and their brand may also appear in images. Clubs with the best websites have galleries, player  profile pictures and team photos and make regular use of news , reports and fresh images- they may also send in match reports to local newspapers.

I come with an international reputation and give grass roots clubs the same high standard of service. my images have been used by international teams and clubs around the world and by major sponsors, hockey websites and major hockey gear manufacturers and retailers.

I am offering  concessionary rates  in support of the game ,  a professional photography service next season which presents  a low cost solution for local clubs and their teams , those who understand the value of professional quality images and are prepared to pay a very modest fee for my services to make it worth my while.  When I have been booked teams can expect up to  400 top quality images , original high resolution professional images of the action, as well as portraits of individual players in action and  Team shots on request on a shared rights basis. These are usually sent to clients on DVD to a representatives address. I accept either cash on the day or secure online payment  via Paypal through which i do most of my business on line.

during a game any level I will pick out individual players in action as portraits as well as images involving opponents and groups of players and those are edited to fill the frame with drama and action for maximum impact - great for websites, magazines, the press and worth keeping ! I don't do average.




This gives a team or club the facility to have the originals on DVD, un-watermarked, which can be copied and shared with players for personal use, used by the players, team and club for social media use and by the club to enhance club websites, promote the club in various other media and gift sponsors with industry standard images they can use to promote their businesses. where possible i may upload a selection of the images on my Facbeook and post links on club and team websites but these versions will be watermarked. (Clients  get the originals un-watermarked )


If you have sponsors already I’ll make sure I get them in the picture with images like this they can use to help promote their business and you can gift them an image like this to maintain positive working relationships with them – makes it more likely you will attract additional sponsor interest if you can pull this sort of thing off.

For teams in the Greater Manchester area  my one off fee is currently  just £40 a game  per team, ( putting that into perspective  I normally charge £10 for one team A4 print on line or £1 each for an un-watermarked original single digital file) If one team takes up the offer but can get their opponents to take up the deal I offer a discount of £10 per team off )

I have a decade of experience shooting the game all levels and am adept at anticipating action and special moments in a game.


I no longer bother selling high quality images as photographic prints on line  via my website nor do I upload big albums on my website any more  for perpetual “free view”  and am reluctant to sell individual digital files for personal use as it is impossible to price or control their use . Anything I put on line is deliberately low resolution and “spoiled” with heavy visible watermarks to make it clear I own the rights. I  don’t allow any use of images even with my watermark, without payment or written consent  and seek always to deter people illegally downloading my stuff  to avoid paying for my work. If it is worth stealing it is worth paying something for it! Please note -I take exception to people downloading my work without my consent  and then uploading it to their own Facebook wall or using my images for profile pictures where a team or player has not bought the rights- so please do not be offended if you get invoiced for such unauthorised use of my work.  (It is a convenient myth that posting my work with my watermark intact is “helping” me advertise when in fact that has no value whatsoever to my business and that excuse for unauthorised use of any of my images has no validity where you or your team have not bought such rights)

I see players doing unbelievable things on the pitch and can be relied on to record them so they can be shown to non believers and your grandchildren. all in the timing !

Other Services  : I will also on request shoot interiors and outside views of your facilities at your club  when hired to shoot games as a bonus . Also just ask if you want me to shoot  any social events, presentation evening  or tournaments you are planning and happy to negotiate deals for shared rights at reasonable rates  (So for example you can use the  large number of those images as fund raisers) or offer deals which participating teams can opt into so you don’t have any costs or risk up front. and I can also cover any club based sport with equal skill and passion. If you have a start up coaching business based at a club I can be hired to help you with specific images for PR and marketing as I can for companies who sponsor players with gear  offering product marketing shoots. I can also help if you need  industry standard images from a game you have booked me to cover for newspaper and magazine use as I shoot at very high resolution and am expert in kn owing what editors need.

My eldest son, on the left is a dedicated player and is responsible for my getting involved so heavily for the good of the game so for me it really is #hockeyfamily.

See below all my contact details if you are interested in hiring me to help promote the interests of your club and teams this up and coming season.

Business Website :

Co-Editor /journalist  @   Women Sport Report

Facebook  : john    and  john coxon

Member of EPUK ( Editorial Photographers UK)

Alternative E mail :

Mobile Phone or text  24/7  365 :  + 44 (0) 7989 300 104

LAN : (+44)  (0)161 950 1817 (Manchester)

Skype  johnecoxon

Twitter:  @johncoxonmedia

Business Address : 14 Pott Street, Salford, (G.M.) M27 6FR

CRB enhanced disclosure ( counter signatory England Hockey) August 2010


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