Ellen in action for the national Dutch team

Dutch international field hockey star Ellen Hoog , in the run up to  the Olympic Games in London 2012,  has recently been contracted to write a regular  sports column for the  bi-weekly Dutch   newspaper’s  Metro magazine in its   Friday  edition.

Ellen relaxing with friends in a Madrid disco 2006!

The multi-capped  “Orange Dames” -International, currently coming back from an ankle injury, is actually studying Media and Information Management at the University  of Amsterdam. That fact alone  explodes the myth that the Dutch squad are full on professional athletes ( in  the income sense of the word )when all actually are amateur in the sense that they have to juggle either jobs or studies as  well as their ever increasing  committment to team training which is only part funded by grants.  Previously  the dutch striker had an internship at the magazine working with  Barbara Heroes  and Frits Barend, where she conducted interviews with various women in sports.

Ellen currently missing international duty through ankle injury buy weyes firmaly on the Olympics

Folow Ellen  and check out her regualr tweets with national team mates and other friends and contacts on  her TWITTER
or visit her very professional looking athlete’s website here    WEBSITE


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