Dutch International forward , (Amsterdam H &BC ‘s ) Kelly Jonker will miss both the Rabo FIH Champions Trophy in Amstelveen (June 25-July 3) and the European Championships in Mönchengladbach (August 20 to 28) .

Kelly #10 defender for Amsterdam.


Twenty one year old  Kelly has carried  a shoulder injury for several months and a recent scan in hospital showed that she needed an operation and that is scheduled for next Tuesday June 14th.

Kelly in action during the 2009 playoffs against Laren.

According to the national team doctor, Connie Bentley ,the scan revealed that Kelly has a tear of the cartilage ring in her left shoulder joint, ( details here- the labrum) “Through falls and collisions, her shoulder became unstable” the doctor explained and that also means  there is high risk of dislocation of the shoulder. it appears that this type of surgery involves a substantial period of rehabilitation , some four months, starting with perhaps four weeks in a sling and then many weeks till she is fit again.

Kelly Netherlands #10 right of shot taking silver at the WCT 2010 Nottingham.

Kelly was part of the team who were beaten in the champions Trophy in Nottingham last year by the current world Champions Argentina.  Coach Herman Kruis was replaced by former Argentine international Max Caldas following the Netherlands loss of the World Cup in Rosario last year to the Argentines.

Can new coach Max Caldas's passion give the Dutch new inspiration?

Max has been plagued by injuries including bone breakages for  Ellen Hoog and Sophie Polkamp and he is yet to make an official announcement as to who will be in the squad for the champions Trophy later this month to be held at his former club Amsterdam where he was  women’s coach before moving to Bloemendaal Heren.

Both Sophie and Ellen seem to have recovered from recent injuries.

Both Ellen and Sophie have been back and playing more recently and may well make Caldas’s selection for the Trophy.  To view the current pool of international players from whom Caldas will select his squad follow this link. Netherlands Squad.

Fieke Holman has been one of Amsterdam's most prolific scorers this season.

Keep an eye out for both Amsterdam’s Fieke Holman and SCHC’s  Caia van Maasakker (club team mate of Argentina’s formidable Sole Garcia) who have both been prolific scorers for their clubs this season and who may well make it into the Trophy select.


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