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As the Netherlands top team in the Hoofdklasse Rabo  League playoffs get ever closer the plague of player injuries suffered by the women of SCHC continues. Nicole Nisperos was the third player to find herself at the hospital door last Sunday.International Michelle van der Pols has spent  almost the entire second half of the season on the touchline and , Orange goalie Inge Vermeulen picked up a shoulder injury  last week in training and  Nicole Nisperos was injured.

For all three participating in the playoffs remains uncertain. “We are not the only club that is struggling with injuries, ” former international, now coach at  SCHC Janekke Schopman commented  “We are lucky to  have some very versatile players able to play in multiple positions , so we can still field a strong team every Sunday.”

 “It is far from ideal  and it has been a challenge. I am pleased with how we play. We are getting in  better shape for the playoffs, and I may be able to play as well.”

SCHC made their mark again  last Sunday – with their youth keeper Annefloor Bakker on form  and even then we got a convincing  4-1 victory over visiting Orange-Black, a team  often difficult to beat on their home ground.

Janekke continued: ‘It was frankly quite easy. This was because we scored early. Within ten minutes it was 2-0 already, that hockey was  good. It was a great game from our side’s perspective. The pitch wasn’t great though. It was too dry, I found it almost unfit  to play. ”


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