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Netherlands-Max Caldas coach: ‘Do not speak too soon
Max Caldas in reflective mod
“I am very pleased how my players did it against the world champions , but let’s be realistic,” a happy Max Caldas, said after his
team’s victory over  Argentina. “But let’s not start celebrating too much and especially not ahead of more  business to come,” Caldas said at the press conference. Therefore I am not going to speculate about South Korea, and the mathematical permutations ” he continued . “I was  not previously that  good at maths, so I am not going to start now  ,” he retorted. “We just keep doing what we were already doing: playing to win. So all it is, another step forward on  Saturday against South Korea.”

Maartje Paumen, Short corner drag flick specialist

Ex Argentine international player Caldas dismissed the claim that he had  ‘triumphed’ over a team led by his “friend” Carlos Retequi.  “Carlos is not one of my acquaintances” Caldas said , “ But I left Argentina when I was 22 years old. He is also a bit older and was at a different club than I was. ” No, Max had not yet
spoken his proud mother, who lives in Argentina,. “But I’m sure she has already called me, some thirty times I guess,”Max joked.” All the matches of this tournament will be broadcast live in Argentina. So yes, my family can see everything. ” he continued.
Max , a really cool guy who has brought the sparkle back to Dutch Hockey
It made no sense to make any comparisons with  the lost World Cup final last year in Rosario Caldas said. “What struck me again is that we Dutch love  good hockey. It’s ok to have all the attention for the beautiful skills  of Aymar and Garcia.but if  Maartje Paumen does something nice, you don’t get
to  hear anything”  he said . ” That’s a difference. “

(Carlo Retegui  seems to have said very little to the press during the Trophy tournament so far  or rather  very little has been published on any detailed
reflections of  recent performances from the current  world champions camp so far in this tournament)
My translation/interpretation here  from the original Dutch report  from hockey.nl. Full report in Dutch here
Niet te vroeg juichen’
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