10 original articles on sports marketing ideas & effective use of Photography & Social Media

I have gathered together   an index here with hyperlinks here to each  of my last ten blog posts which offer my original ideas , ( from personal business experience ) and includes  guidelines in respect of marketing sports, clubs and teams  through effective use of images and in the main through social media.

I use  social media platforms  every day  to market my own services and to interact with and support others. It is a case of me practising what I preach . It works for me so the assumption is that it ought to work for you.

It can be very frustrating  for me as an ethical professional not solely profit led but not prepared to work for nothing, how resistant to even small changes in behaviours people involved in sport can be!  This to fresh ideas which can more effectively  promote sports and help clubs raise their profiles and attract new membership where social media itself is free to use ; only the content may have some cost .

If the up shot  is  that part of the solution actually means even a modest investment in marketing , that is  actually paying a professional even modest sums  for a one off visit ,  in the main the club culture driven by volunteer amateurs in the main expects such services to be without cost!  That resistance  may also be due  the view  that considering marketing yourself as if you were a brand and or running a club say more like a business is alien to what has been traditionally an amateur somewhat conservative culture at grass roots level.  Here is that list which i hope you may find helpful.


1. How to make more effective use of social media to promote you club, team or sport  social media wisdom

2. Responsible photography of minors/juniors – guidelines

3. A model of low cost professional support for sports, clubs and players Hire am ethical professional

4. Creative design for sport , making promotional products for marketing sport clubs ( includes legal considerations) Get the tee shirt

5. Creating a “can do” culture in  a sports club ( use of images to motivate, affirm ethos  etc )

6. Practical tips on marketing and promoting field hockey (and any other sport) through effective use of photography  ALL ABOUT THE IMAGE

7. Basics of effective poster design  AIDA

8. My ideas on effective product brand marketing on social media PROMOTE YOURSELF

9. How I cover ( you could cover ) sports club and other organisation social events as a documentary record or for fund raising purposed  PAPPING YOUR EVENT

10. The difficult to sustain “bums on seats” dependent business model (coaching camps example) – Avoiding the pitfalls

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