Photography support for the hospitality trade.

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I specialise in high quality professional informal portraiture at a variety of social events at a variety of venues in the North West  including hotels, bars and clubs  but I also offer professional photography support in marketing and PR for businesses including the hospitality industry.

With so many people active on social media and influenced by it in their consumer choices   it makes sense to encourage your customers to hire a professional for their social events at your place or offering a photography service as part of your package.

 It is all very well having tidy images of your beloved venue interior when it is empty on your website or Facebook page but so much better if those images depict the place full of happy people having a great time and, at the same time, showing the features and quality of your venue and the friendly professionalism of your staff. It is inevitable that such features are going to appear in the background of my photographs but when giving my clients the celebrity treatment  in small group, couples and individual informal portraits I also instinctively take photographs of venue staff at work, signage, wall menus, bar and tableware and arrangements, decorations etc to give my clients a cherished documentary of their special evening.

What is good for my clients, in  terms of professional images ,is good for the venues business and I’d love to work in partnership with you.  I publish or rather upload  images from such events , often over 400 of them after careful editing, on my business Facebook as previews for my clients convenience before the high quality originals are sent to them by post on DVD for personal use. (Currently , as a special offer,  I charge clients a maximum of £150 for full coverage of an evening event)

 We are coming into a period where such businesses are likely to be very busy and often your premises may be closed to the general public to accommodate private functions. Where a venue owner keeps me in mind and contacts me with a positive  lead to cover an  event they are hosting (which leads to my being booked) I am more than happy to allow that business to “cherry pick” images for their own promotional use and will also promote that venue on my own Facebook business page and on Twitter.  If this appeals why not contact me either via my mobile (07989 300 104) or email me (@) . Thank you.

I have covered numerous corporate, school proms, sports club and other organisation’s black tie events, fundraisers and presentation evenings as well as milestone family and seasonal  events. (The examples in this album were of a 21st birthday celebration at the “Slug and Lettuce” , Wilmslow recently.)


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