No room for the Good Samaritan at York Minster ?

The Telegraph carries a report with the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu , saying that if Prime Minister  Cameron allows the legalisation of gay marriage , he is like a “dictator.”  This is bizarre , naïve and simplistic language, from this ex Pat Ugandan doctor of Theology  and the  ensuing “logic” of his case defies belief. What planet is this  Church of England (homophobic) Archbishop of York on ?

Such ecclesiastical clerics are  a sect of aesthete theological scholars with their heads in books , their eyes on their own version of heaven but can’t read, live   on earth but with their heads in the clouds and no real knowledge of the real world and such vindictive announcements serve only to further marginalise and stigmatise not hetro-sexual couples and it is an  outrageous contempt.  The men at the top of the Church of England hierarchy do not live completely simple and humble lives but wear gaudy robes and live like  aristocracy  or royalty in stately homes. From I imagine humble origins in Uganda, this man now lives in a palace , Bishopthorpe Palace, which is an obscenity in itself.

He certainly is no Ghandi. If people of his self-righteous bigoted ilk people heaven , I will pass on that one. The job is vocational, pastoral , ones “called” to do  “God’s work” but not having the credentials to  make judgements like Him or for Him.  It is evident that  some hierarchical  religious  relics  in frocks are so selective in their scripture reading and how they translate passages of their own scriptures subjectively for which they do not have any divine right. Well far be it for me to preach to the man but , “You are going to reap just what you sow” and this argument certainly fell on stoney ground Mr Sentamu.


Corinthians I hear says things about the pre-eminent virtue of Charity and the nature of love (chapters  I commonly hear when I am photographing  weddings ) and that must be Absolute Love which must, by definition, transcend all things including gender and sexuality.  “Angels don’t make love, they are love” . (Any time I am asked, I’d be delighted to photograph a gay marriage and of course the law should empower people to make a public commitment to be united as one , to forsake all others , if  they have reached a point where that is their wish.

From the dictates in the ancient Christian dogma, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” ( After Love thy God )is stated to be the most important of all the Commandments because if you honour that edict all others follow. Who gave these pontificating mortals  the right to add to “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” the self-fulfilling tag “unless they happen to be  gay?”


Christ I read was in direct conflict with the established church of the day as anyone reasonable , in my view, would be in conflict with the established Anglican church and its awful New Jerusalem.  To hijack the slogan of the occupy Movement “What would Jesus say ?”  “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do” springs to mind.”

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    John – check out this link relating to similar bigotry in the USA

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