Photography Tips- a better way of attaching camera straps.

camerastrap toggle

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With all the science and technology in modern professional cameras you’d have thought the makers could come up with a much easier way of attaching the straps to the camera body than the horribly fiddly arrangement above most have now ! Those awful nail breaking triangular key ring things  through pierced lugs on the camera body and the plastic thing you have to weave the strap through ,around over , under then back on yourself are not easy to undo and the older the strap gets the harder it is to rethread. As a professional I sometimes need to remove the strap when it gets in the way and don’t want to waste time fumbling about. (It would also be handy to be able to detach the strap easiIy so that packing the camera away in my bag is easier too. ) I discovered a much easier, quicker arrangement – the idea just came to me today.

The solution was to caninbalise one of the many media accreditation pass landyards I have given to me at  events most of which have small ,very good quality ” swivel trigger” clips.

swivel trigger clips on lanyard


I simply snipped of the landyard ribbon with a pair of scissors and undid the strap from the exisiting clumsy system.


small swivel trigger key clips 2


I simply slipped the strap through the D ring on the swivel clip but at first rethreading was really frustrating trying to double thread through the narrow slot. The solution was to use a pair of pliers and a lighter- set the end centimeter  of the strap alight, extinguished it and squeezed the end flat with a pair of pliers. I then used scissors to make it pointed and hey prestro, threading was a doodle!

camera strap toggle






camera strap threading

and there we are , all back together again and so easy to release and re attach and,bonus, the clips swivel so it’s so easy to straighten out the strap if it gets twisted.

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