Radisson BLU Red Sea Hotel Resort, El Quseir

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The five star Radisson Blu hotel resort occupies  a large gently sloping coastal site of some 14 hectares of former desert just outside the ancient town of El Quseir and is enclosed by a high natural stone security wall. It’s modern luxury guest accommodation is in a range of  traditional styles (Neo Nubian)  in sympathy with its meticulously organically designed  layout and well maintained surroundings and reflecting local culture .

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Throughout  those accommodation areas  are beautifully landscaped traditional stone “crazy” paved  walkways , natural stone walls and garden areas with a range of  flowering shrubs, cacti and many mature date palms plus play areas and a range of shaded gazebos.


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There is an on site Gym and also a Spa offering a range of massages and other therapeutic services with its own pool and quiet area. A hair dresser’s and beauty salon is close by.

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There is a football pitch , tennis courts and basketball court close to the entrance plus a small farm with wild fowl and the endangered Egyptian Tortoise which the hotel is helping in its  conservation work. There is an experimental fish farming room and plants are nurtured with the water waste from the growing fish.  There are areas of garden which commemorate those guests who have stayed several times with an orange or other tree planted in their honour with their name plate.

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This  hotel resort   is a photographer’s paradise and, for example,  here and there are Islamic style archways between buildings which make a wonderful way to frame photographs of the sea and beaches.

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The hotel resort is blessed with its own pristine coral beaches , about half a mile long front facing the cool clear unpolluted waters of the Red Sea so beloved by the international diving community for its extraordinary wealth and diversity of thriving marine life.

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The clean coral sandy beaches look out over a coral reef shelf, visible at low tide and you can see the surf, some 60 metres out as it hits the reef.

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There are three small cove-like sandy beaches plus a much bigger more open beach which has a roped in large swimming area.

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Everywhere there are more than adequate numbers of sun loungers , each protected by a woven wind break and thatched umbrellas  and you are never far from a beach bar to take on board fluids as you must do in temperatures in the nineties at the peak of the season.


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To protect the delicate coral reef guests are asked not to walk over it and to take care when swimming or snorkelling.


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The hotel has built a long sturdy wooden jetty to enable divers to cross the reef without damaging it to have access to deeper waters.( You cannot swim in the waters or over the coral reef shelf to the right of this jetty.)

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A lifeguard is on duty on the jetty from sunrise to sun set and a system of warning flags is in operation as the on shore winds can make swimming and diving hazardous. At the end of the jetty there are articulated steel steps which are lowered to sea  level so divers can access the deeper water over the reef shelf edge which drops  down some fifty metres  in depth just in front of the jetty end down to the sea bed.

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There is a Sub Ex diving centre on site offering expert  instruction in scuba and snorkelling and a range of excursions to other popular diving areas on the coast.

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Although I originally signed up for one excursion I discovered that, at high tide, the delicate coral reef was sufficiently water covered to enable you  to swim and snorkel without risk of damaging the reef and I was blown away by the different varieties of coral fish and other marine life I saw while snorkelling and even managed to get some photos with a cheap underwater camera I carried.

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I was also thrilled to see such variety of  marine creatures in the shallow pools directly next to the beach at low tide and to be able to photograph some of those creatures without again risking damage to the actual reef.

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For an album of reef marine life click on the photo above of the picasso trigger fish.

To view more images of the beach area at the resort hotel click on the image below.



to view more images of the landscaped areas and accomodation click this image

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