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Argentina's Soledad Iparraguirre


The Federation of International Hockey (FIH)  is pleased to confirm the complete list of officials who will oversee  women’s hockey tournaments at the Olympic Games in London, which take place from 29 July to 11 August 2012.

The women’s on-field officials consist of Claire Adenot (FRA), Julie Ashton-Lucy (AUS), Stella Bartlema (NED), Frances Block (ENG), Carolina de la Fuente (ARG), Elena Eskina (RUS), Amy Hassick (USA), Kelly Hudson (NZL), Soledad Iparraguirre (ARG), Michelle Joubert (RSA), Kang Hyun Young (KOR), Carol Metchette (IRL), Lin Miao (CHN), Irene Presenqui (ARG), Lisa Roach (AUS), Chieko Soma (JPN) and Wendy Stewart (CAN). The women’s Umpires Managers for the Games are Renee Cohen (NED), Sarah Garnett (NZL) and Minka Woolley (AUS).

Argentina’s Soledad Iparraguirre who we featured in the summer of 2010 having been  awarded the prestigious Golden whistle to mark her one hundreth international appearance.


The Federation of International Hockey (FIH)  is pleased to confirm the complete list of appointed officials who will oversee  women’s hockey tournaments at the Olympic Games in London, which take place from 29 July to 11 August 2012.As has been previously announced, the Technical Delegates for the tournament are Bjorn Isberg (SWE – men) and Laura Pigretti (ARG – women).

Isberg comes to London with one Olympic Games already under his belt having served as an Assistant Technical Delegate in Beijing in 2008. He also worked the 2004 Olympic Qualifier in Madrid as a Technical Officer, the 2006 World Cup Qualifier in Guangzhou, China in 2006 as a Tournament Director and the 2006 World Cup in Mönchengladbach, Germany as a Technical Officer, a role he also fulfilled at the Hero Honda FIH World Cup in New Delhi, India 2010. Most recently, he was the Tournament Director at the FIH Indoor World Cup in Poznań, Poland in February of last year.

For Pigretti, the London Games will be her third Olympic experience as an FIH tournament official. In 2004 in Athens, she started as Judge at the Olympic Games before taking the Assistant Technical Delegate role at Beijing 2008. Pigretti also worked at two World Cups, in 2006 in Madrid, Spain and in 2010 in Rosario in her native Argentina, as a Technical Officer.  Pigretti’s experience also includes serving as the Tournament Director at the 2005 Champions Trophy in Canberra, the 2008 Olympic Qualifier in Vancouver, Canada and serving as the Tournament Director at the FIH World Cup Qualifier in 2010 in Santiago, Chile.

The FIH would like to offer sincere congratulations to everyone who has been appointed for the Games in London.

The full list of officials appointed for the women’s games at  London 2012 Olympic Games can be found below. Click on the FIH link at the start of this report to go to the official site and find the men’s game appointment list.



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