Oscar Pistorius: God Help RSA Sex crime capital of the world.

ANCWL  arse

The world has  a range of government ideologies loosely labelled modern “democracies.” Even my own, the UK, perversely has a monarchy & aristocracy & career politicians  come from privileged  & wealthy backgrounds & thus appear in  their rhetoric to be represent the people but in reality self-interest.  Our aristocracy represent inherited wealth & at heart our democracy, as with the USA, in terms of power & influence, we are both plutocracies.

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RSA is ruled & has been rule since apartheid ended by one party, shameless ANC, ( Actually Nepotistcally Corrupt ) posturing as a modern democratic party whose founder members originally fought & defeated the colonial elite white majority & crushed apartheid. How sick is it then that a nation with such huge problems in terms of gender & other  inequalities  & world beating crime statistics,  is ruled by one Jacob Zuma , no formal education ( that still shows) dad a humble cop, mum a skivvy & cannot count  lol.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqNa6992ih4

RSA needed a saint to bring it out of the dark ages & found that in Mandela, of noble aboriginal descent, emerging from Robben Island after 25 years imprisonment & then speaking not of revenge but reconciliation & the hope for a fairer future for all any colour.


Zuma aspires to be as decent & cool as this guy.

What a contrast to Zuma who optimises the abuse of power & restyled himself from freedom fighter to milker of the public purse as if its  emperor with a divine right , building a palace for himself , publicly  funding improvements to that place &  luxury cars for his multiple wives, making nepotism , corruption  & bribery  fundaments of his tyrannical  rule with a huge majority of disadvantaged blind ignorant  masses singing & dancing & then retreating to their hovels,  happy their leader took a limo, at their expense, back to Nkandla  & let’s not get started on a string of sexual offences he has allegedly been investigated for. RSA is the sex crime centre  of the world  .

The ACNWL , were they not an ignorant mass of  racist, media attention seeking ignorant  rent mob female fatties , with a female leader,  Bathabile Dlamini an ANC  minister, who has spent a public purse fortune funding her own  luxury travel, accommodation and life style, could be a force for change  yet where the majority of women they claim to represent  & defend live in poverty and within a society riven with gross gender inequality.   It’s estimated that 500,000 women are raped in South Africa every year with the average woman more likely to be raped than completing  secondary school. A 2009 survey found one in four South African men admitted to raping someone and another survey found one in three women out of 4000 surveyed women said they had been raped in the past year. Rapes are also perpetrated by children (some as young as ten) Child and baby rape incidences are some of the highest in the world, largely as a result of the “virgin cleansing “ &  a number of high-profile cases (sometimes as young as eight months have “outraged the nation.”

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The ANCWL ignoramuses tried to hijack the Oscar Pistorius trial , yet carefully ignore trials of their genuine sexual abusive ANC guys & Zuma. How can you represent women’s rights by dropping your pants , showing your obese backsides or lifting  your shirts  to show your boobs & actually pandering & encouraging  yourselves as objects for  abuse  ?  Defies belief you live in dimshit ignorance, see  Zuma, a sex abuser as saint  & have Oscar down as a domestic violence abuser!  Zuma is , Oscar is not.

ANCWL  arse

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