Although there are printers and other professionals who will design and produce effective posters and fliers for you, by following a few sinple rules and with the help of Aida you can easily do a professional looking job yourself! Who or what is Aida ?

If you are running an event, a tournament, a fundraiser, a dinner dance, or  even making a lost pet poster  or selling something , the same simple ideas will help you to reach your target audience successfully with an effective poster or Flier. You are  going to post and distribute  your announcement where it is likely to be in competition with other paper based information. You want to be able to draw in busy passers by. Aida is a great attention seeker !

( You are going to have followed the usual business rules when deciding where you are going to actually place your poster, the simple WWWH formula. What is is, Who is likely to be interested Where can they be reached , How can I reach them.)

The above poster example is self explanatory but it makes use of AIDA, the easy to remember formuala I use for all poster and fleirr design work for clients.

A  = Attention

I= Interest

D= Detail

A = Action


In an effective poster you should use a range of type sizes and bear in mind that in fact you are trying to catch people’s eye as they are perhaps busily passing by. By careful choice of words that are in the biggest boldest type the page dimmensions will aloow , you are infact selecting your audience. By , for example using a brief “JUMBLE SALE”, “FOR SALE” “TOURNAMENT” “LOST”  bold statement , ( I call the SHOUT ) passers by quickly make judgements as to whether what you  are announcing is their thing.  So you have their fleeting Attention.


The next thing is to attract their interest, bring them in to look more closely and thus get and keep their Attention. A carefully chosen photograph or other graphic might work best either as a whole backgroung or centred under the bold text SHOUT.


A common fault of  home poster designs is to go for text over kill using fonts of very similar size. But people will automatically search for Detail if you have attracted their Attention,  and tou have aroused  their Interest , because now they are face to face with your poster looking for further information  so the detail can be much smaller and not neceesarily readible  from that far back.  Detail can include date, time, venue and so fourth or a brief message giving additonal information.


Usually any action you want the psoter reader to take is put at the bootom of the poster and can be in a very small font size. The Action can be something like a phone number and or a named contact or website or e mail address.

And finally :-

With most homes having laptops and a printer it is now possible to use basic desk top publishing skills to do a great job making you own if you don’t have the budget to get it done professionally by me for example! You can of course make a hand made poster  with felt pens and your own hand printing but my advice , ubnless you are very neat is to use a desktop publishing program which is always going to be right, professional looking and give out positive messages. An advert scribbled on a scruffy postcard in a shop window- would that inspire confidence in the seller? and of course , stating the obvious, if you use a DP program  you c an save it, modify it without having to redo it if say you make a spelling error or two, and print off multiple copies , saving so much time. not evryone’s free printing style is even, clear and easy to read. Ask permission of places where you want to post your poster- it is a waste if you annoy someone by not asking permissoion  and incresase the chances of it being ripped down.  If possible laminate your poster to protect it from tjhe weather, moisture and to make it harder to tear !  not a bad idea to revisit locatiosn to see if the psoter is still there and in condtion that is still readablle.


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